Meta for Pinterest

Meta for Pinterest is a free plugin that allows bloggers to easily add additional data to their images and posts for Pinterest to use to scrape for pins.

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Sweet Features!

Okay, so the features aren’t that amazing, but the plugin is supposed to be simple and should be low impact.

Pin Description

Don’t want to put the pin description in the alt text? Put it in data-pin-description!

Alternate Pinned Link

Want to be sneaky and want to change the link for the pin? With this you can specify the exact URL that will be linked on the pin.

Alternate Pinned Image

Guess what? You can select a different image that will be pinned. For now, it just supports a url. Maybe in the future we’ll add an image picker.

Pin ID

With pin ID you can ensure that any pinned image counts towards the same pin count. Mind blown.

Disable Pins

Select images that you don’t want to allow people to pin


If you want to contribute to the project and help us bring more cool plugins and tools, feel free to donate! If you just want a free tool, at least tell others how awesome we are!